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    Golden Dome #goldendome #thisisnd #thisisnotredame #notredame #universityofnotredame #beautiful #beautifulcampus #instagram #instagramhub #canont4i #canonrebel #canon_official #beautifulday #iconic #history #subwayalum #somuchhistory

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    The Golden Dome #notredame #goldendome #night #rain (at University of Notre Dame)

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    Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

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    I created this Color Wheel on Adobe PhotoShop out of photographs I took on Notre Dame’s campus in the Fall of 2013


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    In 2012-13, Notre Dame shocked the country to go undefeated in the regular season paving the way to a BCS National Championship matchup vs Alabama. The Irish ran into a buzz saw and were crushed 42-14 to end the season with disappointment. The Irish fans were hopeful because they had a…

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    I’ve totally been taking Notre Dame for granted. Now that I’m leaving, I feel like I’m going to miss it a lot. I mean, I grew up here. Why wouldn’t I miss it? 😢 #homesweethome #anewbeginning


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    Notre Dame students have their own language. Well, it’s not so much an entire language as it is a collection of colloquialisms. Okay, okay, so maybe we just use slang. To save time and precious character limits on tweets, words are shortened, truncated, made into acronyms or initials, and morphed…

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    33 days till Irish 

    Cam McDaniel - Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    I saw this quote on the wall at a Notre Dame hotel -


  10. Anonymous said: Can you explain how the pe requirements work again? What if you can't swim? Do you have to be in the swim class for the whole semester? Does that mean you can't take another pe class? :( which ones fill oi the quickest? Which ones should you absolutely not take? Also, what were your fav university seminars?


    Two semesters of PE are required. If you don’t finish them freshman year, it’ll follow forevs until you get them done. And if you ask how people don’t finish, attendance is vital. Missing even one without making it up can lead to a failure of the unit. If you can’t swim, you can forgo the swim test and you’ll automatically be put into the swim course. PE is sectioned into three units per semester. Swim class will be one of these units. As long as you show up, I’m pretty sure you’ll pass, even if you can’t swim by the end of the unit. Actually, even if you don’t show up, I think you can pass the swim unit LOL (I think that’s what happened with my friend, Shirley hahahhaha). Wall climbing fills, mindful living, etc fills pretty fast. I recommend first aid, self-defense, weight training (with the right instructor), dancing courses, golf. I took all of these. BTW THIS IS BASED ON SUPER NON-ATHLETIC ME WHO HATES MOVING LOL. If you’re not into actual physical movements during pe, then I’d stay away from cycling, otherwise I have no idea. Two units of contemporary topics are required in sequence.

    I don’t really have favorite university seminars as you can only take one. I took American Short Stories with Krier, a little bit of work so kind of a hard transition for one of my first semester classes, but I really enjoyed it. 

    If any current ND students want to remark on their seminars, please do!

    I took first aid, fencing and golf because I am also quite nonathletic. But I know some of my friends took ultimate Frisbee and really liked it. 

    Also, two units are dedicated to something called “Contemporary Topics” where you basically learn about different exercises, healthy eating, etc.

    And at the beginning of the PE unit, you have to take a fitness test, which includes a 1.5 mile run, push-ups, sit-ups, and a sit and reach.

    You can read more about all that here: http://pe.nd.edu/physical-education-requirements/