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  3. anclar-anciarrai:

    Notre Dame, IN.

  4. carpepearls:

    I had seen pictures of the Basilica so I wasn’t expecting anything more than the beauty seen in those pictures… but there’s something to be said about seeing in person the beauty of what the hands of God can do through man right before your very eyes.

  6. effingmurrays:

    #1 Notre Dame defeats #9 Arizona State 84-67 (x)

  7. plasticchopsticks:

    Notre Dame grotto.

  8. sarayusko:

    Mark doing what he does best @ the Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Finalists’ Weekend!! 🍀 #HYSP #GoIrish (at Morris Inn - University of Notre Dame)

  9. athleticpoetics:

    "Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated." - Lou Holtz

    It could all be so simple.

  10. olearysh:

    2014-2015 NFL & NCAA Concept design helmets -> (Notre Dame “Luck of the Irish” 3)