1. ckellyl:

    #goldendome #nd #notredame #lovethee #sky #campus

  2. somewhatclumsy:

    Golden Dome, you guys! Go Notre Dame!!

  3. negritudexo:

    Skylar Diggins

  4. suzifgarcia:

    #dessert of course #notredame (at DeBartolo Performing Arts Center)

  5. murraytommy:

    From my ride around the Notre Dame campus http://ift.tt/Ujf1Od

  6. spookavenue:

    Tonight’s movie.


    The definition of the underdog overcoming adversity is probably the story of Rudy.

    Ah Rudy the little guy who could, this is one of those movies that falls into the heartwarming inspirational Americana genre and manages to be immensely sweet and inspiring without being sickly.

    My favourite element is probably Jerry Goldsmith’s lovely score for the movie a sort of sad uplifting theme that runs through the tragedy of the film through to its very very upbeat conclusion.

    A good way to chase away the Monday blues.

    Rudy Rudy Ruuuuudy.

  7. murraytommy:

    Notre Dame golden dome at dusk http://ift.tt/1nMoULH


  9. vintagesportspictures:

    Navy vs Notre Dame football program (1940)

  10. therealbsmile:

    Babe Ruth Poses With Pop Warner & Knute Rockne
    86 Years Ago Today - Yankee Stadium - July 19, 1928
    ~ Always one to shine in the spotlight, The Babe managed to hit 2 HR’s vs. the White Sox after this inspirational meeting of legendary sports heroes.